Julius Baer ($423.5 billion

Julius Baer, a traditional bank, operates in 28 countries, focusing on commissions. Upholding banking secrecy, it manages global assets for clients.


BNP Paribas Wealth Management ($424 billion)

BNP Paribas: Europe's largest bank, seventh globally, operates in 72 countries, excelling in wealth management.


Citi Private Bank ($500 billion)

Citi Private Bank: Tailored services, 60 offices, $25M net worth requirement (exceptions for law firms and qualified high-net-worth individuals).


Charles Schwab ($506.3 billion)

Charles Schwab, founded in 1971, pioneered discount stock sales. Bank of America bought it in 1983 for $55M; the founder repurchased in 1986 for $280M.


Goldman Sachs ($558 billion)

A Wall Street icon, once Mark Carney's employer. Clients choose from a range of investments with private wealth management teams.


J.P. Morgan Private Bank ($677 billion)

J.P. Morgan guides personalized financial plans. Consider a private bank for greater services with complex finances


Bank of America Global Wealth & Investment Management ($1.22 trillion)

Bank of America serves those with $250,000+ in assets and high-net-worth individuals. With 20,000+ wealth managers, it's a financial giant.


Morgan Stanley Wealth Management ($1.24 trillion)

Morgan Stanley: 250 advisory firms support clients' financial growth. 15,600+ U.S. wealth managers in nearly 600 branches. A bulge bracket member.


Credit Suisse ($1.25 trillion)

Swiss company, founded in 1856, now part of the bulge bracket. Offers wealth management. Restructured post-2008 crisis, exited U.S. wealth business in 2015.

Credit Suisse


UBS Wealth Management ($2.6 trillion in AUM)

UBS: Swiss giant, 50+ countries, 286 U.S. branches. In Canada, needs CAD$2M for managed account. Wealth management for individuals, families, entrepreneurs.