The Federal Reserve's policy shift prompts a reassessment of investment strategies amid rising rates.

Market Shift


Traditional high-risk assets like dividend stocks and REITs face evaluation in a higher-rate environment.

Risk Assessment


Money market funds gain traction with a 5% yield, attracting risk-averse investors seeking stability.

Money Market Appeal


Money market funds invest in liquid securities, offering capital preservation and income at market rates.

Fund Characteristic


Ideal for short-term goals, providing stability and competitive yields compared to plain cash.

Benefits of Money Market Funds


Boasting a 5.4% yield with zero expenses, attracting investors seeking competitive returns with low risk

North Capital Fund (NCGXX)


Despite a 0.11% expense, VMFXX's $270 billion AUM and 5.3% yield showcase stability and scale.

Vanguard Federal  Fund (VMFXX)


Similar to VMFXX, VUSXX's 0.09% expense and 5.3% yield make it a reliable option.

Vanguard Treasury  Fund (VUSXX)


Tax-efficient choice for investors with a 3.5% yield, providing federally tax-exempt interest income.

Vanguard Municipal Fund (VMSXX)


SPRXX offers a 5.1% yield with no minimum investment, making it an accessible option.

Fidelity Money Fund (SPRXX)


With a 0.34% expense and 5.3% yield, SWVXX competes favorably, attracting increased investor interest.

Schwab Value Money Fund (SWVXX)


1. Incorporating ESG considerations, PINXX offers a 5.1% yield, screening out controversial business activities.

BlackRock Wealth Fund (PINXX)