Nvidia's results surpassed estimates by $2 billion, impressing despite a 3.6% stock dip.

Exceeded Expectation


Analysts praise Nvidia's resilience and strong performance despite a post-earnings stock dip.

Analyst Applause


Analyst Matthew Ramsay maintains outperform rating, eyes potential expansion, sets $700 target.

TD Cowen's Positive Outlook


Nvidia key in industry shifts toward acceleration and generative AI, earning praise.

Paradigm Shift


Nvidia's AI business in China less relevant; compensations expected from other countries.

China AI Challenge


Rosenblatt Securities' Hans Mosesmann lauds Nvidia's consistent delivery, maintains buy rating, sets $1,100 target.

Consistent Excellence


Subdued market reaction due to expected exceptional performance aligning with Nvidia's track record.

Market Expectations


Analysts discuss sustainability amid controversy, foreseeing a positive trajectory into 2024 and potentially beyond.

Debating Sustainability


Bernstein's Stacy Rasgon addresses valuation concerns, deeming Nvidia's stock not excessively expensive.

Valuation Reassurance


Worries of over-ordering leading to a sales decline in 2025 raised by some analysts.

Bearish Concern


Analysts like William Stein and Joseph Moore remain optimistic about Nvidia's future growth.

Optimism Prevail


Concerns that are addressed as analysts see Nvidia's potential for growth through year 2025.

Cyclical Downturn