Nvidia expects robust Q3 earnings, showcasing dominance in AI technology, highlighting continued technological prowess in advancements.


Surging to a record high of $504.09, the stock propels forward, riding the unstoppable momentum of AI.


Sam Altman's shift to Microsoft introduces intrigue and complexity, altering the trajectory of Nvidia's narrative.


Wall Street anticipates a robust Q3, with revenue projected to soar to $16.1 billion.


The adjusted EPS forecast stands at $3.36, signifying a substantial year-over-year increase in financial performance.


Data center revenue outlook forecasts a significant AI impact, reaching $12.82 billion


Gaming revenue projections indicate a sector poised for growth, expected to hit $2.7 billion.


Investors eagerly await Q4 guidance, with expectations set at a remarkable $17.8 billion.


Nvidia aims to surpass consensus, earning positive reviews from industry analysts for exceeding expectations.


Despite a stumbling stock and valuation concerns, Nvidia remains a stalwart player in the AI market.