NeoCity secures $289M contract, advancing semiconductor production for U.S. military, boosting job growth in Florida.

NeoCity Wins Contract

Defense Contract

NeoCity in Osceola County secured a five-year contract with the Department of Defense.

Semiconductor Production

The contract aims to produce next-gen microchips for the U.S. military.

National Security Priority

The Defense Department seeks to localize advanced packaging, crucial for national security.

NeoCity's Role

The 500-acre research center in Central Florida positions itself as a key semiconductor player.

Funding Allocation

Osceola County received $3.65 million for workforce development and a $120 million contract.

Economic Development Fund

An additional $67.5 million from the Build Back Better Regional Challenge program.

Total Award Potential

The contract includes options for an additional $169 million, totaling a potential $289 million.

Governor's Support

Gov. Ron DeSantis promises an extra $17.5 million for chip technology and research.

Job Growth

NeoCity's development is expected to generate high-paying jobs for residents of Osceola County.

Industry Impact

Investment in NeoCity is anticipated to benefit semiconductor companies in Central Florida.