China President Xi Jinping visited Shanghai to assess efforts in enhancing its international financial center status.

Xi inspected the Shanghai Futures Exchange and a sci-tech innovations exhibition.

The visit included a focus on affordable housing, addressing rising home prices in major cities.

State television footage showed Xi inspecting a humanoid robot and China's integrated circuits technology.

This marks Xi's first visit to Shanghai since November 2020 and follows historic protests in 2022.

The visit coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone (FTZ).

The FTZ was established as a testing ground for economic reforms but faced challenges.

Shanghai, home to major foreign businesses, experienced economic setbacks due to a COVID-induced lockdown.

Xi's visit aims to boost confidence amid subdued sentiments from foreign businesses and private investors.

Recent overtures to foreign firms by Premier Li Qiang have been met with skepticism amid regulatory concerns.