Roles and Responsibilities

Manages human resource strategies, policies, and training processes.

CHRO - HR Strategies



Manages content creation, branding strategies, and marketing efficiency.

CCO - Content Oversight


Directs decisions related to product production, research, and marketing.

CPO - Product Strategies


Manages administrative tasks, leads teams, and sets performance goals.

CAO - Administration Management


Oversees environmental decisions, creating policies for sustainability and efficiency.

CSO - Sustainability Oversight


Manages organizational security, minimizing risk, and overseeing security teams.

CSO - Security Management


Leads marketing decisions, branding strategies, and market research.

CMO - Marketing Decisions


Manages data strategies, policies, and ensures secure data handling.

CDO - Data Management


Manages internal knowledge, collaborating with CIO or research team.

CKO - Knowledge Management


Ensures the company meets compliance guidelines and regulations.

CCO - Compliance Oversight


Focuses on external tech research and advancements for company goals.

CTO - Tech Advancements


Directs IT decisions, plans technological structures, and oversees IT departments.

CIO - Tech Decisions


Manages finances, creates statements, and analyzes cash flow.

CFO - Financial Management


Oversees daily operations, collaborating with the CEO.

COO - Operations Oversight


The CEO leads the company, setting goals and strategies.

CEO - Top Leader