Alibaba faces market scrutiny 

Alibaba's Hong Kong-listed shares drop 1.7% ahead of its quarterly earnings report.

Alibaba's Decline

Alibaba's shares reflect a 7% decline in 2023, contrasting with the Hang Seng index's 11% fall.

Market Performance

Analysts estimate Alibaba's earnings per share at 15.39 yuan and revenue at 224.95 billion yuan ($31 billion).

Earnings Projections


Alibaba, facing a downturn in China, anticipates profit and revenue growth, buoyed by domestic unit strategies.

Growth Amid Challenges

Economic indicators from China raise concerns about consumer spending, impacting Alibaba's performance.

Consumer Spending Concerns's better-than-expected results create optimism for Alibaba's performance. JD's shares rise nearly 3% in Hong Kong.'s  Results

Alibaba's cloud unit faces challenges due to a technology spending downturn and a price war.

Cloud Unit Challenges

Alibaba's cloud unit focuses on developing generative artificial intelligence, with updates to the Tongyi Qianwen AI model.

AI Development

Alibaba plans to split into six companies to comply with Chinese regulators, providing an update on the progress.

Regulatory Compliance

Alibaba is set to release its quarterly earnings before the U.S. market opens, adding anticipation to the market.

Earnings Release

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