Tesla's Cybertruck launch, after delays, introduces a distinctive steel-clad electric pickup, facing design challenges and anticipation.

Cyber Truck

Launch After Delay

Tesla Cybertruck finally launched after prolonged delays, becoming highly anticipated.

First Model Since 2020

Tesla introduces Cybertruck, its first model post-2020's Model Y.

Debut in 2019

Unveiled in 2019, Cybertruck faced challenges, including a notable window-breaking incident.

Delivery to High-Profile Customer

Initial deliveries took place at Tesla Gigafactory, with notable customers receiving vehicles.

Variants and Spec

Cybertruck offers three variants with distinct specifications and performance levels.

Unique Design

Distinct steel-clad design inspired by a cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic aesthetic, as envisioned by Elon Musk.

Mass Production in 2024

Tesla plans to start mass production in 2024 to meet high demand.

Varied Pricing

Prices range from $60,990 for rear-wheel version to nearly $100,000 for high-performance Cyberbeast.

Resale and Restriction

Recent updates suggest a more lenient stance on reselling within the first year.

Environmental Consideration

Despite being electric, Cybertruck's size raises concerns about its environmental impact.