How to Buy Apple Stock On EToro In January 2024?- An Easy Step-By-Step Guide.

Introduction to eToro?

So, after examining the eToro deeply and learning more about its functionalities, eToro is a software or you can say a platform on which people can invest in crypto and stocks and in this blog we are going to know How to buy Apple stock on etoro and how to trade it.

It’s just like the other trading or stock exchange platforms, but what makes it unique and best it’s copy trading which will help in predicting apple stock price on etoro. You can find many successful traders or investors who are investing through this platform, and you can also follow the same investing principles of those successful investors as we’re going to trade and learn how to buy Apple Stock on eToro.

This platform makes investing more interesting as there are very less chances of losses because you’re just following the successful investor’s strategies.
You can also make money through this platform as you gain more expertise in the field of investing. This is because if someone will trade or invests using your strategies you’ll get some amount as commission. Question that arises here is that Why should we trade Apple stock and how should we predict the Apple stock price on etoro using their indicators.

Why should we trade Apple on E-Toro?

The answer to this question is that eToro doesn’t charge any commission or say complete 0% commission when you buy or analyse the Apple stock price on etoro. This is a major benefit which is the reason why most people are trying eToro.

How to trade apple stock on etoro

The history of Apple.

The tech giant was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976, in just a small garage in Pelo Alto, California. Steve Jobs used to work for Attari to create video games. He also built a circuit board for the Breakout Game.

Jobs along with Wozniak the one who knows to make a computer sold some of their liabilities for initial funds and launched Apple Computer Company on April 1, 1976, through a partnership with John Wayne. They sold their first Apple 1 computer which they sold for a year without a monitor and other necessary accessories, which later got included in year 1977.

Later, he partnered with the Byte Shop to sell 50 Apple1 computers for $666.66. After a year, Apple Inc received an investment of $92,000. After that, Apple 2 was launched along with its monitor which includes some additional features like Open Architecture and Colorful graphics.

After that, Apple 3 was launched in the year 1980 in collaboration with IBM. After some ups and downs with the company, Steve Jobs left and started his new company called NEXT. He built the NEXTSTEP operating system which was later bought by Apple for $430 million.

He again joined the company and then launched various new products such as iMAC. He also came up with portable iPODS and also launched iTunes. He also came up with iPADS which can replace computers and their most successful product which is iPhone. After Steve Jobs’s death, Tim Cook got assigned to the position of CEO in 2009 and further launched AI assistant SIRI and too he came up with the Apple smartwatch and various other APPLE accessories.

The company’s market evaluation is around $3 Trillion.

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Apple’s Market Position and Competitors.

Apple became the dominant leader in the market holding a market share of around 51%. The way that Apple did it was through the concept of privacy.

Apple, over the years that they’ve been in business since their inception, had positioned their brand around this concept called Usability. Usability. The foundation of Steve Jobs’ vision was the original Apple Computers.MacBooks that foundation typically doesn’t shift very often with the company.

But what happened was, when they got into a digital home, apple was first on the market with Siri. But then Alexa came on with Amazon.Google Home with Google, and Apple lost. So what did they do? They figured out, how are going to compete against Google and Amazon. What’s the pain point that customers have with those two companies? The pain point was transparency.

So what’s the one thing that Apple can deliver that Google and Amazon cannot? It’s privacy. And privacy is the pain point. But instead of going out and saying, don’t work with Google, don’t work with Amazon, they’re saying, hey, everything we’re about is about privacy. So that’s how they deposit their competitors.

How to Use Etoro?

So you might have known some of the features of Etoro, Let’s see how to use Etoro, Including the procedure to sign up and make an account.

  • In this, I am using the desktop version you can also use it on mobile.
  • So here you can see you have to sign up through your Google account for the service but you can also sign up by entering the email, Username and password.
  • Please do tick the last 2 boxes on this page.
  • After that, you will see this on your screen Which shows your name gender and birthday
    On the Next screen, you will be asked to enter your address.

Now examining the whole page of Apple you can read this stock from this trade bar on the top right side of the page. Study the chart to analyse the Apple stock price on etoro.

How to start etoro to buy apple stock

Why choose Etoro to trade Apple?

A eToro had a Multitude of features which makes trading a bit more easier and confident. As I said earlier etoro has a great feature of copy trading and is best to trade Apple stock price on etoro, And in addition to this Etero has also company charts including all the trading charts True which a person can analyze the result which he can get through his trade.

How To Buy Apple Stock On Etoro?

Ready to uncover the magic of buying and trading Apple stock on eToro? Let’s break it down into easy steps that even a seventh-grader could master:

Step 1: Hunt for Apple: After logging into your eToro account, look for the search bar. Type in “Apple” and hit Enter. Whoosh! You’ll be whisked away to the Apple stock page, like stepping into a tech wonderland.

Step 2: Snag the “Trade” Button: On the Apple page, there’s this exciting button called “Trade.” It’s like the entrance to a cool theme park ride. Give it a satisfying click and a new window will pop up with all your trading options.

Step 3: To Trade or Not to Trade: Now you’ve got a choice to make. You can either tap “Trade” to snap up the stock right away at its current price, or hit “Set Order” to specify the price you’d like to pay. It’s like choosing between grabbing a snack now or saving it for later!

Step 4: Choose Your Stock Portion: Time to tell eToro how much Apple stock you want to own. Imagine you’re deciding how many slices of pizza you can handle. Enter the number of shares you’re interested in.

Step 5: Give it the Once-Over: eToro will show you a preview of your trade – the number of shares, total cost, and any fees. It’s like double-checking your backpack before a big adventure. If everything looks good, hit that “Open Trade” button.

Step 6: You’re a Stock Hero: Boom! You’ve done it – you’ve officially become the proud owner of Apple stock. 🍏📈 It’s like having a little piece of Apple right in your investing pocket.

Step 7: Keep Watch: Now that you own Apple stock, keep an eye on it. You can check its price, see how much it’s going up or down, and even read news about Apple’s latest innovations. It’s like following the journey of your favorite hero.

Apple’s Stock Performance and Historical.

As I have observed the whole charts of Apple from its starting ,I can say one thing that it will keep Growing And we’ll have fewer chances to come down In the market. Apple Has very consistent Growth as per the analysis of apple stock price on etoro But it will give you many benefits if you think of long-term investment just like 3 to 4 years or maybe 5.

So if you have invested in Apple since 2020 then you must be the luckiest person here because even if the recession is going on, Apple stock price on etoro will continue to maintain its position high in the market.

Apple is also coming up with its latest new products in 2023. As this year January apple raised its 14 inches and 16-inch macbook pro models that are equipped with updated M to Prove and M2 max chips. Apple has also introduced a new I’m 2 and M2 pro, Mac Mini machines and a new larger-sized $229 home pod which surely gonna increase the rate of Apple stock price on etoro.

In September Apple is planning to launch a new set of iPhones which includes the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. According to Apple, the pro models are expected to include a faster 17 chip built on a 3-nanometer node and the biggest iPhone good feature is periscope blends technology with 46X optical zoom capabilities.

This is the good signs of investing in Apple stock price on etoro as eventually it will grow for a long term and will maintain its consistency in Apple stock price on etoro.


Buying and Analysing Apple stock price on eToro can be an exciting and potentially rewarding venture for investors looking to participate in the growth of one of the world’s leading technology companies. Throughout this comprehensive guide, we have explored the essential aspects of understanding Apple stock price on eToro, giving readers valuable insights and tools to make informed decisions.

eToro’s user-friendly interface and social trading features provide an accessible platform for both new and experienced investors to buy and sell Apple stock price on etoro. By following the step-by-step guide to getting started on eToro, investors can initiate their journey into the stock market with confidence.

And when it comes to transactions, Ice Casino mirrors eToro’s seamless processes. With a variety of withdrawal and deposit methods, your journey is as smooth as navigating stock prices. So, whether you’re delving into the stock market or seeking a different kind of adventure, eToro and Icecasino offer unique avenues, each promising a journey filled with excitement and rewards – any game you want, any bonus that is possible. Have fun!

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