5 Best AI Stocks To Buy Right Now in January 2024.

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Will be investors I hope you are all familiar with AI stocks and so I also want to write on this topic because I want to encourage the new upcoming stop traders to have a lookup on this special wealthy and Best AI Stocks.

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Best AI Stocks

So here we are going to start up with the first topic which is all about the best AI stocks in the market, and it is the best as the stocks have performed well all over the year and I can also say that they have performed well in the past and some of them date a great come back into the market.

Nvidia [Low Risk]

So, how can we forget the best AI stock present here in the market is Nvidia, which has massive growth as you can see in the picture. Now I know that most of you might wonder how can someone be investing in this gigantic stock but if you notice from the future predictions from various articles and various investment Advisors you will see that many investors prefer to invest in AI stocks as it’s only the beginning that we are seeing today.

best ai stock nvidia

According to research from JP Morgan, analysts think that Nvidia will generate the most revenue than any other company and a market share of mind-blowing 60%.

best ai stock nvidia

That is because Nvidia is not only making the best hardware over high-performing GPUs, but also it is creating software which are working on AI which is helping various other tasks such as automated driving, the internet of things, and other AI-related tasks.

C3.ai Stock [Higher Risk]

Now moving on to the second best AI stock which even has a name of AI and its ticker symbol that is C3.ai Stock. As the name artificial intelligence in its symbol, this company specialises IMP providing services like data analytics to any company around the world and a multitude of different industries.

best ai stocks c3.ai

Banks and other financial Industries use C3 machine-learning capabilities to detect frauds across a giant amount of financial data that humans would probably miss which was already sent to decrease Falls positive alerts by whooping 85% while also increasing the accuracy of suspicious activity by as much as 200%.

C3 smart machine learning capability is also used for smart landing where it improves the efficiency and accuracy of risk monitoring and loan acceptance and is also used for the crime departments to monitor any type of criminal cases by its strategic planning.

It’s also used for large-scale Asset Management like in the oil and gas sector where they have been shown to reduce unplanned downtime by as much as 50% while also reducing the total maintenance cost by as much as a quarter of it. 

best ai stocks c3.ai

But for now, it’s a high-risk stock as it has come down by 85% after the sour of 150%. But still, if you are planning to invest for the longer term then I can say it would be a beneficial stock for you

Microsoft [Low Risk]

Now let’s hover to the third on the list of best AI stocks which is a low-risk stock. I hope and I am confident that you all must be familiar with the Bing AI which is used by many internet users as it is also excellent in the image creation by AI.

Microsoft ticker symbol MSFT which in many ways is considered the catalyst for really kicking off the most recent hype train surrounding AI this past year with the launch of chat GPT which is of course backed by Microsoft and being implemented into various parts of their own business as well including search office productivity software and of course their giant Cloud platformAzure.

Azure with already built infrastructure is the second largest platform in the world among all other companies. Microsoft Tech giant recently launched a new service called Co-pilot for enterprise which is designed to empower businesses using AI-powered features with their Microsoft 365. The service is priced at around $30 per user per month.

Beyond Co-Pilot, Microsoft is actively involved in various AI-related initiatives, positioning itself as a key player in the AI landscape. Despite the stock’s significant climb, Microsoft remains close to an all-time high, making it an appealing addition to long-term investment portfolios.

Palantir Technologies [Higher Risk]

Now, the fourth in the list of the best AI stocks is Palantir Technologies which stands out as a perfect speculative stock in AI data management and data analysis. Just company provides AI services to both government and commercial industries which consistently secure existential government contracts and many more.

Palantir’s AI platform for large language models has garnered attention and contributed to the stock’s rise.

Palantir’s success is not just hype; it is backed by tangible results. Despite economic challenges, the company has experienced significant growth in customer accounts. With positive net income and strong financials, Palantir is proving its value and turning heads in the AI sector.

Google (Alphabet Inc.) [Low Risk]

Let’s move to the next tech giant company on the list of best ai stocks is GOOGLE having its reign in the AI market which holds a strong position in the AI space due to its extensive data collection capabilities.

Boasting the highest market shares in internet search, browsers, video platforms (YouTube), smartphone operating systems (Android), email services, mapping (Google Maps), and advertising, Google collects vast amounts of valuable user data.

The recently announced Gemini model, incorporating text, image, video, and audio data, further solidifies Google’s commitment to AI innovation. Despite a 50% climb in 2023, the stock is still considered reasonably priced compared to the sector, making it an attractive long-term investment.

Baidu: The Chinese AI Giant [Higher Risk]

Baidu, being the last on the list of the best ai stocks is often regarded as the Chinese counterpart to Google, dominating the AI landscape in Asia. Holding nearly 70% of the search market share in China and ranking fourth globally in cloud computing, Baidu is a significant player in AI.

Baidu’s strength in AI extends beyond China, boasting the highest number of AI patents globally. With a focus on various AI applications, including autonomous driving, generative AI, finance, and robotics, Baidu presents a compelling investment opportunity, especially considering its competitive AI chip production.


So where are some of the best AI stocks that I have researched all over the internet as well as by analyzing the down and uprants from their past history? Of just you do all the beginners please go for the most renowned stocks like Microsoft, Google, and Nvidia to have higher chances to fetch returns over Investment. But please do your research as it’s my own opinion over my research and my analysis please take guidance from any senior investors who are already in the market of these best AI stocks.


what are the best AI stocks?

 Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), Super Micro Computer (NASDAQ: SMCI), and SentinelOne (NYSE: S)

What are good AI stocks to buy?

Google Alphabet

What are the best AI stocks to buy right now?

Google Alphabet

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